How long is each service?

Each service will be about 60 minutes long.

What about the kids?

There will be an awesome kids program during each service with a bouncy castle and some amazing fun and games! Kids will be able to check-in to the kids area from up to 30 minutes before the service starts. Security is our number one priority and we have a secure system whereby the adult who checks a child into our kids area is the only one able to collect them after the service. All our Horizon Kids Team are background checked and trained in child safety too. If you are planning on joining us with your kids you can pre-register them here to save you some time when you arrive on the day.

What time do doors open?

Doors into the auditorium will open 10 minutes before the service starts.

Is there parking?

There is plenty of parking on site.

Will seating be allocated?

Seating arrangements will be on a first come, first serve basis.